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"We generate sales leads and more clients!"

Welcome to Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection
We are network of business professionals whose goal is to expand each memberís business opportunities through the exchange of appropriate business referrals. Each member is dedicated to the growth of the network by providing business referrals, and by introducing new members to the network. Each business category is exclusive and every member is committed to the highest degree of professionalism and courtesy.

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The Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection is a group of professional men and women who meet each week to exchange business ideas and leads.
Each category is exclusive, join now before your competition becomes a member.
Click here for your Membership Application, complete it and bring it to our next meeting.
The Airport-West Chapter meets at Eatín Park, Business Route 60, Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday morning at 7:15 a.m. and concludes at 8:30 a.m. sharp!!!
bullet First years dues $100.
bullet Subsequent years dues $50. Pre-billed quarterly for breakfast.
bullet Since conflicts of interest are disallowed, existing members have a 2-week period after an application is submitted in which to rescind the prospective member.

Scheduled Speakers

Date 10 Minute Speaker 5 Minute Speaker
July 27 Lori Melchiorre Keith Certo

Why Join?

bullet To make more money.
bullet To meet other professionals you would not otherwise know.
bullet To act as a resource for your clients.
bullet To improve your public speaking skills.
bullet To give to others for you too will receive.
  Visitors Protocol  
bullet First time visitors. No fee.
bullet If there is a conflict of interest with an existing member, one visit only.
bullet The visitor will pay for the breakfast fee for each subsequent visit.
  Any visitor will have up to four visits to decide upon joining the chapter. Afterwards, the membership invitation will be withdrawn and the visitor will not be invited back to any more meetings.  
  Our Members Commit To  
bullet Regularly attended meetings or to send an alternate.
bullet Give a minimum of two referrals per month.
bullet Use our member services whenever possible.
bullet Help our organization grow by bringing guests.
bullet Maintain a high ethical and professional conduct.

Join us for our breakfast meeting every Wednesday, 7:15 AM at Eat'n Park Business Rte 60, Pittsburgh PA


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